Lost Indian remains

In 1969, the Historical Museum in Grand Junction secured the remains of an ancient Indian with the assistance of students at Grand Junction High School.


That set of remains, described at the time as an Indian mummy, has been missing for nearly 50 years. The body was briefly displayed at the museum, then disappeared.

Erin with news

This is a photo of Erin Schmitz, currently the curator of archives and collections at the Museums of Western Colorado, who is attempting to track down the remains. She’s holding a Daily Sentinel news story from 1969.

Here is a link to my history column, which ran in The Daily Sentinel Monday, regarding the missing body.

Mystery mummy 10-22-18

Spanish flu struck a century ago

One hundred years ago, the inaptly named Spanish Flu (it didn’t originate in Spain) struck the world with a vengeance, and western Colorado was not spared.


My history column this week for The Daily Sentinel explores how that impacted our community and others in Colorado.

Here’s a link to that column:

Flu 10-8-18

influenza ward Walter Reed

This photo, from the Library of Congress, shows A nurse helping patients at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., during the 1918 flu epidemic.