Devil Dogs — U.S. Marines in WWI

As we approach Armistice Day for “The War to End All Wars” — which, unfortunately, it didn’t — it’s worth remembering some of the efforts of the United States military during the war.

Although we arrived late to the war in Europe, our Army and Marines, under the command of General “Black Jack” Pershing, definitely turned the tide.

Here’s a link to a fascinating story about how U.S. Marines became known as “Devil Dogs” to the Germans.

Devil Dogs

Bucolic Buford

We just returned from spending a week at Buford, east of Meeker on the White River.

It’s one of our favorite spots in Colorado, offering great mountain scenery, access to the Flat Tops and surrounding areas, and a cool getaway from the heat of the Grand Valley in the summer.

Buford 1

That’s owners Tom and Dianne Tucker outside the old Buford store, which has been closed for a number of years. But the Tuckers still rent out the old cabins near the store, and maintain a small RV park on their property, right along the White River.

I’ll have more on the history of Buford in my next column. Meanwhile, below is a link to my Palisade peach column, and the valuable effects of the Bookcliffs on the peach industry.

Also, I’m starting to build an archive of my past history columns from The Daily Sentinel. Go to “My History Columns” in the menu at the top of this page. I only have 2013 columns posted so far, but will continue working to get subsequent years posted.

Palisade peaches 7-16-18

Timeless Mount Garfield

It’s always fun to try to track down the location from which old photos were shot. Judy and I did that this past weekend.

The old photo was published in The Denver Post in a 1909 article about Palisade. The new photo was taken July 7, 2018, about a half mile from our home near Palisade. We drove around the east end of the Grand Valley, taking photos of Mount Garfield from a variety of locations. This one seemed to match up best with the Denver Post photo from 109 years ago. The shadow to the right behind Mount Garfield appears to be from scotch tape that held the old newspaper together.

Thanks to Wanda Beebe for providing the fascinating article to me.

Both photos will be used in my next history column about Palisade peach country, to be published in The Daily Sentinel on July 16.Garfield combo