My new book

I guess this falls in the shameless self-promotion category.

I just today received the mockup of the cover for my book, to be published by The History Press next spring (February or March). I’m pretty pleased with it.

Also, on Saturday I will be at the Museum of Western Colorado in Grand Junction, along with a dozen other authors, signing copies of my existing books, Troubled Trails and Dinosaur Stalkers.

History book cover 2

Into the Alaskan wild (with a daughter)

A friend loaned me this book, “Braving It,” about a father-daughter trek into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

brave1It’s well-written, engaging, and it makes this father wonder how he would have fared with his daughter when she was 15. (My daughter, Kara, is now 33 and a much more competent back-country traveler than I am. But when she was 15, not so much).

In addition, James Campbell and his daughter Aidan are from Lodi, Wisconsin, near where Judy and I grew up. So it provides a sense of connection.

Book reduction

Judy and I (mostly Judy) went through our bookshelves and cleaned out some of our old books that we have read, and have no need of keeping.

They will go to the Palisade Altrusa Club’s annual book fair. We hope others will pick up and read some of these books that we have enjoyed. It’s always hard for me to part with books, even if I know I will never read them again or use them for research. I know some author put a lot of time and effort into producing each book, and I don’t want them to end up in the trash.