Baxter Pass adventure

Spent Friday with my good friend, Mike Perry, searching for the remains of a 1909 train wreck just off Baxter Pass near the Utah border. Mike had been to the site about 25 years ago, and was able to find it again. Not much left but a big chunk of steel that is believed to be part of the locomotive’s boiler, atrain1Baxter1nd some odds-and-ends pieces.

The Baxter Pass road is built on the old Uintah Railway grade, which operated from 1904 until the 1930s. This particular train went over the cliff during a snowstorm in February, 1909. I’m standing near the point where the train went off the tracks.

A great day with a good buddy.

Relaxation and research

We returned this week from our trip to Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan, where I engaged in a very small amount of research. Mostly Judy and  me, my sister Karen Moucha, and our dog Lila had a wonderful time exploring and sightseeing, even if it was a bit warmer than we had hoped. Now it’s back to work on my next column for The Daily Sentinel.

Below are a few photos from the trip.

Sister Karen, me, Judy and Lila’s back at a cannon overlooking Lake Michigan on Mackinac Island.
Only horses and bicycles allowed on Mackinac Island, so we all got a ride in carriage, Lila included.
mackinac house
Saw a few nice houses for sale, like this one for about $3 mill
And we watched ships like this 1,000-foot ore freighter go through the locks at Sault Ste. Marie.