The Original 007

John DeeJohn Dee (1527 -1609) was an astronomer and astrologist, mathematician and magician, and he communicated with angels. He also is credited with helping to create the British intelligence service and he signed his secret letters to Queen Elizabeth “007.”

The two circles represented eyes and the number 7 was Dee’s lucky number. In the 20th century, author Ian Fleming reportedly read about John Dee and chose the same secret number for James Bond.

When I’m not writing about history, I’m often reading about it, and Smithsonian Magazine has long been a favorite source of history articles. There’s much more to John Dee than his secret letters. You can read more here:

Raise a glass to Prohibition

One hundred years ago this month, Colorado became one of the first state’s in the country to legally ban alcohol, four years before national Prohibition was implemented. Although local leaders were initially all for Prohibition, they later came to realize, as people all over the country did, that it caused far more problems than it solved.

Here’s a link to a column I wrote in 2014 about Prohibition.

Prohibition 1-17-14

saloon poster
An early 20th century poster advocating for Prohibition

I need some horse time

Even my buddy, Moose, is getting depressed with the January weather. I think he’d like to get out and do something, as we did  in this ride near Rifle.

IMG_0768 (1)








In the meantime, I thought brushing up on some equine terminology, courtesy of Harmony Horseworks in Arizona, might brighten up a winter day.

horse terms