McDonald Creek Cultural Area


Judy and I and our friends, Terry and Sherry, had a great hike Sunday in the McDonald Creek Cultural Area, a part of McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area. I plan to write more about the area and the ancient Indian rock art there in a future history column for The Daily Sentinel. In the meantime, here’s a few photos from our trip. Above are two figures in an alcove near the Colorado River. Below are some pecked animal figures in another alcove closer to the trailhead. It’s a hike of a little over 4 miles roundtrip from the trailhead to the Colorado River and back.

Seeking D.H. Lawrence

Judy and I visited Taos and Abiquiu, New Mexico earlier this month. I wrote about the importance of the tiny community of Abiquiu in the history of the West for this week’s history column in The Daily Sentinel.

But we also visited other interesting sites. This is the memorial that Frieda Lawrence built for her deceased husband, D.H. Lawrence, at the ranch they stayed at and Frieda later owned outside ofLawrence mem Taos. Some say Frieda was the inspiration for Lawrence’s book, “Lady Chatterly’s Lover.”

A writer’s Tale

This is a new website I’ve created to hawk my writing — my books and history columns. That’s my book, “Troubled Trails,” published by the University of Utah Press. I also have another called “Dinosaur Stalkers … of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.” And I am working on a third book.

Additionally, I write a regional history column every two weeks for The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado. I worked full-time for the Sentinel for 34 years, and retired in 2014, but continue to write the history column.

I hope visitors will enjoy this site.

I’ll have more in future posts.


Bob Silbernagel